Bake it Easy produces frozen dough products in accordance with National FCD Act's 1999 – 2011 and maintains industry accepted and FSA-audited Food Safety Management Programs. This ensures product safety and best quality when delivered to our customers. These programs include good manufacturing practices with specific reference to cleaning and sanitation practices, microbiological testing and a tested recall program. Collectively, these address all processing steps – from selecting flour all the way through moulding, freezing and distribution. The manufacturing facilities are halaal-certified, allergen risks are clearly indicated on the product label. For this reason we have written allergen-control protocols in place. The facility does not stock any nuts.

All products are manufactured locally, creating jobs within South Africa. Product origin is therefore appropriately indicated on the label.

To maintain quality, frozen dough must be held at temperatures less than -18°C at all times. We guarantee that our products are held at appropriate temperatures while under our control. Customers should adhere to these temperature requirements to ensure product quality throughout the shelf life of the product.

Should you have product related queries please contact our offices or your relationship manager.

The best selection of ready made frozen dough products,
produced by our factory.


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